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I am an independent researcher, game developer and author, based in Germany.

My projects develop in the making and are learning journeys of trial and error, equally informed by conscious consideration and intuitive decision. The exploration of themes like time, dynamics and perception from the metaphysical as well as scientific viewpoint, puts my theory and practice on a solid footing.
As an autodidact, my computing knowledge is self-taught, and over time I've switched from GUI applications to text-based software. The finds of my movements in the depths beyond the screen in combination with a passion for storytelling, lead to a multi-facetted output in form of performance, code and physical objects. Writings consist of academic and experimental essays, poetry and short fiction, or a healthy blend of all of these.

I'm driven by my ambivalent feelings towards the bourgeosie, politics and social injustice. Through the experimentation with electroaccoustics I want to make voices heard that are otherwise silenced. Generally I get inspired by the vibes of underground culture and recent art is strongly influenced by the works of Suzanne Treister and J.G. Ballard.
For more insight into my practice read an interview conducted by Cliff Jones Jr.
In 2019, the action RPG The VteX Files was launched at Noiselab, Berlin, and concluded with a workshop on collective myth-making at the Productive Futures conference, organized by The London Science Fiction Research Community (LSFRC), at Birkbeck College, London, UK.

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